Teletubbies Hill

Attractions tour package Nusa Penida is so nice when visited during rainy season. Because, at that time, the grass grows lush covered hills. While the best time to see the view in this Tour Nusa Penida in the morning and the afternoon. If during the day, hot weather and there is no shelter.

The Uniqueness Of The Teletubbies Hill Nusa Penida when to take pictures or view Teletubbies Hill. From the Teletubbies Hill, you can see the houses around Nusa Penida and small that look an awful lot. From the top of the Hill of course this very charming natural scenery and Add Your admiration.


Raja Lima

For tourists who want to enjoy the view of the blue sea water and the beautiful clusters of beautiful green islands like Raja Ampat, then it is very suitable to choose Raja Lima in the Eastern Region of Nusa Penida Island. This object offers another sensation, freedom in the open. It is a masterpiece of God’s very good creation. The panoramic sunrise in this area is also second to none. Very, very beautiful, so tourists are willing to wake up at 4 am from the fairy inn to this area to catch the Sunrise

Diamond Beach

Diamond beach is a newly popular beach in the East Nusa Penida area. Before 2019, tourists only enjoyed this beach from the top of the hill. This beach has just opened its access to the public with the construction of stairs along Atuh hill/karst rock cliffs by local residents. From Bukit Atuh, tourists who want to enjoy the charm of Diamon beach must descend the 50 meter long stairs for 30 minutes to reach the beach. Along these steps is an instagramable selfie spot with a view of white sand and there is an atoll in the middle of the beach that is shaped like a diamond (Diamond).


Molenteng Tree House

Molenteng Tree House is a wooden house built by the owner on a tree and is on the edge of a high cliff. This tree house is equipped with lodging facilities so that it is commercialized as an inn. So tourists can spend the night in this tree house. This tree house was deliberately built on a tree to get the sensation of spending the night on the edge of a cliff, enjoying the sea breeze, and enjoying the sunrise in the Raja Lima area. Absolutely gorgeous sun rise on the five kings views from the bovine tree house. Only 3 tree houses have been built.


Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay Beach is located in the western part of Nusa Penida. This beach was formerly known as Penide Beach. Crystal Bay Beach has clear sea water, clear as crystal, and is surrounded by green hills, which are also expanses of land overgrown with coconut trees. In Crystal Bay there is an atoll in the middle of the sea which is called Batu Bolong. The sunset panorama at Crystal Bay is amazing, and tempts tourists to stay on the beach for a long time. Tourists can also sunbathe, play in the water, swim, snorkel, and dive on this beach.

Paluang Cliff

Paluang Cliff is one of the attractions in the western part of Nusa Penida. Paluang cliff presents a panoramic view of the pinky hill seen from behind. This object is used as a photo spot that allows visitors to be able to see the cliffs / rocks found on Kelingking Beach. Paluang Cliff is another alternative spot to be able to see the panorama of Kelingking Hill. This tourist attraction is located on the edge of the cliff, so tourists who want to take photos must be careful not to slip, because there is no safety on the edge of the cliff.

Angel Billabong

Angel’s Billabong is adjacent to Pasih Uug Beach. Angel’s Billabong is the final estuary of a river before the river water reaches the open sea. These objects are overdrafts that form a natural pool that is very beautiful and beautiful directly adjacent to the open sea. The water of this pool is very clear like a translucent mirror that can be seen to the bottom of the pool. This pool is squeezed by coral cliffs before reaching the open sea. At high tide, sea water will enter this pool which makes Angel Bilabong a natural seawater swimming pool. In this place, tourists can take water or swimming activities. When tourists swim, pay attention to the tides, because one day the sea water can rise.

Broken Beach

Broken beach is this unique beach. In the past the local people named this beach “Pasih Uug”. Pasih uug in Balinese can be interpreted as ” Broken Beach “. Now this beach is known as Broken Beach . Broken Beach in the form of a cliff as high as 50-200 meters in the middle there is a hole like a sea tunnel. When viewed from the top of the cliff, you will see the clear blue sea water being a comfortable home for a number of fish and other marine life, especially manta rays. Broken beach is one of the underwater/snorkeling tourist locations in Nusa Penida, because tourists can watch and dance with friendly and friendly manta rays.